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Here's a list of some incredible local attractions and establishments in the vicinity of this hotel in Los Angeles

GRAMMY Museum L.A. Live

1.09 miles away

The Grammy Museum L.A. Live is an interactive museum that celebrates the rich musical history of Los Angeles. The museum features a collection of more than 60,000 items, including musical instruments, recordings, photographs and art from the early days of the city to the present day.

The museum is located in downtown Los Angeles and is open daily from 10am to 6pm. Admission is free for guests aged 3 and over.

FIDM Museum

1.35 miles away

The Fine Arts Museum of Los Angeles (FIDM) is one of the world's most prestigious and renowned museums of contemporary art. The museum has two locations, the original in downtown Los Angeles and a satellite in the West Adams district of Los Angeles. The FIDM collection contains over 250,000 works from over 5,000 artists, making it one of the world's largest collections of contemporary art.

The collection includes pieces by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Roy Lichtenstein, and Takashi Murakami, among many others. The FIDM Downtown location is also home to the world's largest exhibition space dedicated to photography, which showcases works by Andreas Gursky, David LaChapelle, and Edward Steichen.

The FIDM West Adams location was inaugurated in 2006 and is designed to be more accessible to the public. The collection features a wider range of genres and styles, as well as pieces by more local artists.

Horror Escapes LA

1.40 miles away

Los Angeles may be known for its hot weather, but it's also a great place to escape the horror genre. Here are four horror escapes that will haunt your dreams.

1. Universal Studios Hollywood: This theme park is home to some of the most iconic horror movies ever made, including Halloween, The Mummy, and Scream. If you're looking for an adrenaline-pumping scare, be sure to visit during peak hours when the rides are packed with people.

2. Knott's Berry Farm: This theme park is full of spooky attractions such as Ghost Town, Knott's Scary Farm, and The Haunt. If you're looking for a more family-friendly scare, head to Terror Tales of the Park instead where you can ride roller coasters without having to worry about getting scared out of your wits.

3. Six Flags Magic Mountain: This amusement park is home to several haunted houses, including Grim Future and Fright Fest. If you're looking for a more peaceful scare, take a ride on the Monorail instead which takes you through the theme park without any scares attached.

4. The Hollywood Wax Museum: This museum is home to dozens of famous horror movie characters including Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and Michael Myers. If you're feeling brave (or foolish), be sure to visit at night when the exhibits are fully illuminated and spine-chilling sounds are played throughout the museum.

Pershing Square

1.66 miles away

Pershing Square is located at the heart of downtown Los Angeles and has been the center of the city's financial district since its construction in 1923. The square is named for General John J. Pershing, who led American forces in World War I. The square is also home to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the L.A. Library Center.

The Broad

1.80 miles away

Los Angeles County is one of the most diverse areas in the United States. It's home to people from all over the world, and this diversity has shaped the area into what it is today. The Broad Los Angeles is a museum dedicated to showcasing this diversity, and it's open to everyone.

The Broad Los Angeles is home to a variety of exhibits, including ones about art, culture, and history. There are also exhibits about food and drink, music, and fashion. The museum is constantly changing and expanding its collection, so there's always something new to see.

The Broad Los Angeles is a great place to learn about different cultures and traditions. It's also a great way to explore Los Angeles County without having to travel too far. If you're looking for a fun day out that will teach you something new, the Broad Los Angeles is definitely worth visiting.

Bradbury Building

1.93 miles away

The building is a landmark and it has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Bradbury Building is located in downtown Los Angeles and it is one of the most famous skyscrapers in the city. The building is 55 stories high and it has a total area of about 1,100,000 square feet. The building is made out of steel and glass and it has a very modern look.

The Bradbury Building is a very important building because it was one of the first skyscrapers to be designed using modern architectural principles. The building has been called the "Skyscraper of the Century" and it played a major role in revitalizing downtown Los Angeles during the 1960s.

Exposition Park

2.57 miles away

Exposition Park is a large public park located in Los Angeles, California. The park was created in 1872 as part of the World's Columbian Exposition. It was later renamed to honor L.A.'s first world fair. It has an area of 160 acres and is managed by the Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation.

Griffith Park

5.89 miles away

Griffith Park is one of the most popular Los Angeles parks. It has a variety of activities, including hiking and biking trails, picnic areas, and a zoo. The park also has a famous observatory, as well as a movie theater and a planetarium.

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